Farm Report User's Guide

Add Products to the Products Table

  1. In the Add Product area, select the item type (for example, Crop) and the specific item (for example, Peanut).
  2. Specify the Started Time in one of the following ways:
    • Now – The product was started within the last few minutes. This method is typically used as you start new products. Shortly after starting the products in Farm Town, FarmVille, or Cafe World, add them to the Products Table.
    • Percent Done – You can select what “percent done” the product is currently (as shown in the game). This method is typically used when you first start using Farm Report. You can add your already started items, by using the “percent done” that the game displays for each item. Farm Report will then estimate the started time.
    • Ready In - You can select the "ready in" time (as shown in the game).  This method is typically used when you first start using Farm Report. You can add your already started items, by using the “ready in” time that the game displays for each item. Farm Report will then estimate the started time.
  3. Add an optional Note, for example "use in bakery".
  4. Set or clear the Set Alarm checkbox, to enable or disable the alarm for this product.
  5. Click Add Product.  The product will be added to the Products Table.
Some notes about the Products Table:
  • The Filter check boxes can be used to control which products are displayed in the table.  You can choose to display all products (Show All), hide all products (Hide All) or display any subset of the available item types (for example Show Crops).
  • To print the Products Table, click Print. The table will be printed as it currently appears in the window.
  • To sort the contents of a single table, click on the table column headers.
  • To sort the contents of all tables, use Options->View->Sort By Column.
  • To show/hide a column (applies to all tables), use Options->View->Show Columns.
  • The Ready Date and Wasted Date can be displayed as a date (for example: "Thu 5:35 PM"), or as remaining time (for example: "11:58 hours").  The format is controlled via the Show Remaining Time checkbox.
  • The Notes column can be used to record a note to yourself (for example: "use in bakery").  The note will be displayed in the Product Ready alarm.

Add Farm Tabs

By default, there is one Farm Tab for each game.   You can add additional tabs, if you like.  You can have one tab for each of your farms (or cafes), or you can split up your products in any way you like.

  • To add a new Farm Tab, click the '+' button.  Choose a name for the new tab.
  • To move items from one Farm Tab to another:
    • Select the items to be moved
    • Click Move To Select the Farm Tab to move the items to
  • To rename a Farm Tab, right-click on the Farm Tab's name and select Rename tab

You can control the layout used when there are too many Farm Tabs to fit on one line:

  • Options->View->Farm Tab Layout->Wrap Tabs - display Farm Tabs on multiple lines
  • Options->View->Farm Tab Layout->Scroll Tabs - display Farm Tabs on one line, with scrolling (default)

Product Ready Alarm

When a product is ready, a Product Ready alarm will be displayed on your desktop, telling you which product is ready, which farm it is on, and when it will go to waste (if appropriate).  If you have added a note for the product, it will be shown.  The alarm window has the following buttons:

  • Close: Closes the alarm window (same as clicking on the X button).
  • Close All: Closes all alarm windows.
  • Delete: Delete this product from the Products Table.
  • Delete All: For all currently alarmed products for this game, delete them from the Products Table.
  • Reset: Resets the Started Date to 'Now' for this product.
  • Reset All: For all currently alarmed products for this game, reset the Started Date to 'Now'.
  • Snooze: Snoozes this alarm for the specified time.
  • Snooze All: Snoozes all alarms for the specified time.

After you harvest (or serve) the product, you can use the Products Table's Reset Product(s) button to reset the Started Date, or you can delete the product from the Products Table, and add an entry for your new product.

A cow bell sound is played when the Product Ready alarm is displayed.  If you prefer not to have an audible alarm, it can be turned off with the Options->Play Alarm Sound checkbox.

The default 'snooze time' can be set via the Product Ready alarm, or by using the Options->Preferences->Set Default Snooze Time... menu item.


The Reset button can be used to change the Started Date of a product.  The started date can be set to 'Now', or you can select the 'Ready In' time or the 'Percent Done' (depending on the game).

This is very useful for products that don't require replanting (such as animals and trees), and also for crops (or dishes) that you repeatedly harvest (or serve) and then re-start.


The Alarm button can be used to "toggle" the 'Alarm' setting for all of the selected products.  For each product, if the alarm was previously enabled, it will be disabled, and vice versa.


(Farm Town only) The Irrigate button is for use with the Farm Town Red, Orange, and Green Mobile Sprinklers. After you use one of the sprinklers on your farm:

  • Select alll Product Table entries for that farm.
    • If you have a separate tab for each farm, you can use File->Select All (short-cut: Ctrl-A) to select all of the entries on that tab.
    • If you have all of your farms on a single tab (and you have included the farm name in the Notes column), you can  'sort' by the Notes column (by clicking on the column header), to make it easier to select all of the entries for a given farm.
  • Click Irrigate.
  • Select the sprinkler type (Red, Orange, or Green).
  • Click OK.

If the Red Sprinkler is selected, the Irrigate button will reduce the remaining growth time for all eligible products (crops and flowers) by 50%.

If the Orange Sprinkler is selected, the Irrigate button will reduce the remaining growth time for all eligible products (crops, flowers, and trees) by 50%.

If the Green Sprinkler is selected, the Irrigate button will reduce the remaining growth time for all eligible products (crops, flowers, and trees) by 50%.  It will also extend the waste time as follows: For crops with a growth time of one day or less, 24 hours will be added. For crops with a growth time of more than one day, 48 hours will be added.

Items that are not eligible will not be irrigated.  Eligible items that have already been irrigated once will not be affected by subsequent irrigations.

Google Calendar

Farm Report can work with Google Calendar to notify you when your crops/dishes are ready.  To use this feature, you just need to have a Google account.  You do not need to use Google Calendar for anything else.  If you are interested in using this feature, but do not have a Google account, you can sign up for one here.

If you have never used your Google Calendar, or if you get the error message "Could not connect to 'FarmReport' calendar", please see the FAQ I get error message "Could not connect to 'FarmReport' calendar." when I try to use the Google Calendar feature.

Enabling Farm Report’s Google Calendar feature provides the following advantages:

  • Google Calendar will notify you when your crops/dishes are ready, even if Farm Report is not running.
  • Google Calendar can notify you via any of the following methods:
    • Pop-up Alarm
    • Email Message
    • Text Message*

*In order to receive text messages from Google Calendar, you must provide it with your cell phone number.  This is the process:

  • Log in to your Google account
  • Go to your Google Calendar (it might appear under the more list)
  • Click on settings
  • Click on Mobile Setup
  • Follow the instructions there

The Google Calendar notifications are in addition to the usual Farm Report pop-up alarms.  So, whether or not you use the Google Calendar feature, you will still get the Farm Report pop-up alarms when your crops/dishes are ready (provided that Farm Report is running).

To Enable the Google Calendar Feature

  • Click on Google Calendar…
  • Select Add to Google Calendar
  • Enter your Google account login info (Email and Password)
  • If you would like Farm Report to remember your login info, select Remember
  • Select the Reminder Type (Popup, Email, Text Message)
  • Click on Apply

Closing or Exiting Farm Report

Closing Farm Report

When you close Farm Report (by clicking the Close button, or the X button in the upper right corner of the window), Farm Report will continue running in “hidden” mode (in the background). This enables the alarms you have set to continue running.

You will see the Farm Report icon in your “system tray” (the lower right corner of your screen). (Windows 7 users, please read the information on accessing the icon in Windows 7.) To re-display Farm Report, just double click the icon.

Exiting Farm Report

You can exit Farm Report by clicking the Exit button. It will ask you to confirm that you really do want to exit. When you exit Farm Report, it will stop running, and any alarms you have set will be canceled. The next time you run Farm Report, those alarms will be started up again.

Accessing the Farm Report Icon in Windows 7

In earlier versions of Windows, icons for programs running in the background (like Farm Report ) are always visible in the System Tray (known as the "Notification Area" in Windows 7).  In Windows 7, however, these icons are handled in a different way.  By default, the icons are placed in the "Notification Area Overflow".  You can customize the display behavior of an icon to place it in the Notification Area instead of the Notification Area Overflow.

To access the Farm Report  icon , you can use either of the following techniques:

  • Leave the icon in the Notification Area Overflow.  When you want to access it (to re-display the program for example):

    1. Click the small white arrow to the left of the Notification Area.  This will display the Notification Area Overflow.
    2. Click the Farm Report icon to re-display Farm Report.


  • Promote the icon to the Notification Area

    1. Click the small white arrow to the left of the Notification Area.  This will display the Notification Area Overflow.
    2. Click “Customize”.
    3. Next to each icon you’ll see a pull-down menu with 3 options for the icon’s display behavior.
    4. Next to the Farm Report  icon  , select "Show icon and notifications".
    5. Click "OK".  The icon will now appear in the Notification Area.  When you want to re-display Farm Report , just click on the icon in the Notification Area.

Custom Items

Farm Report includes all items currently available  in Farm Town, FarmVille, and Cafe World.  However, the game developers are continually adding new items to their games.  If you cannot find an item in the pull-down list under Add Product, it is likely that the item in question was added after the release of Farm Report.

You can "teach" Farm Report about new items by clicking the Manage Custom Items button.  It will show the Manage Custom Items dialog.

To create a custom item:
  1. Specify the item’s name (for example “FruitOBerries”).
  2. Choose the item’s type (for example Crop).
  3. Choose the item’s duration (for example “1 Hour”).
  4. Click Add Custom Item to add the new item to the Custom Items Table. The custom item will also be added to the Add Product pull-down list.

Custom items can be edited and deleted; provided that they are not currently “in use” (i.e. they do not appear in the Products Table).

Hide Game Tabs

The Options->View->Game Tabs menu can be used to display or hide individual game tabs.  For example, if you do not play Cafe World, you can hide the Cafe World game tab.  If you subsequently start playing Cafe World, you can choose to display its game tab.

The game tabs can also be hidden by clicking on the X button on each game tab.

Show/Hide Columns

The Options->View->Show Columns menu can be used to show or hide individual table columns.  For example, if you do not use the Notes column, you can hide it.

Sort By Column

The Options->View->Sort By Column menu can be used to sort all tables by the specified column.  For example, you can sort all of the tables by 'Ready Date'.

If a column has been hidden (via Options->View->Show Columns), you will not be able to sort by that column.

Note: To sort the entries of a single table, you can click on the column header.

Start in background

By default, when Farm Report starts running, the Farm Report window will be displayed on your screen. If Options->Preferences->Start in background is selected, the next time Farm Report starts running, it will start itself in 'background' mode.  (The Farm Report window will not be displayed.  It can be manually displayed by clicking the Farm Report icon in the system tray.)

This option is typically used when Farm Report has been added to the computer's startup folder, to avoid displaying the Farm Report window each time the computer is restarted.

Set Directory

Farm Report uses a data file (FarmReport.xml) to store the Products Table and Custom Items you have created.  If an error is encountered, it will also create a log file (FarmReport.log).  By default, these files will be saved in your "default" directory (for example, "Documents" on Windows).

The Set Directory option can be used to specify an alternate location for the data files, for example "Documents\Farm Report Data". Click the Select Directory button to bring up the directory selection dialog.  The Reset button can be used to reset the data directory to the default.

Check for Update of Farm Report

By default, Farm Report will perform an auto update check every seven days  If there is a newer version available for download, a message will be displayed.  The Auto Update Check can be disabled via the Options->Preferences menu.

You can also check for a newer version at any time via the Help->Check For Update menu option.

Revised: 09/21/2012